With Anthony Weiner spending time with his wife and away from reporters (and Twitter) the Weinergate story has moved on to more important things. Like what his laundryman knows, what kind of boyfriend Weiner was before he got married and why, oh, why is the congressman's car's registration out of date (or is it!).

As one of our commenters already pointed out, in yesterday's Daily News there was a picture of Weiner driving his 20-plus-year-old SUV in Washington where you can clearly see that not only is there no inspection sticker in the windshield, his registration sticker quite clearly expired in July 2007. Stop the presses! However, a rep for Weiner says the car is "properly registered but the updated sticker was not displayed because the vehicle is not kept in New York." The DMV could not confirm it though as "registration, insurance and inspection data are not public records."

Having expired registration is only the latest in car-related troubles for Weiner who, despite being very upset that diplomats get away without paying parking tickets, was discovered in March to owe $2,180 in unpaid DC parking tickets.

Meanwhile, if you ever wanted to know what it was like to date Anthony Weiner before he got hitched, here's your chance. "He was self-deprecating about everything," one ex told the Post. "He'd make jokes about his nose, his neck, about being skinny."

Another ex tells the tabloid that "I think he's the kind of guy who didn't get a lot of girls in high school and, all of a sudden, he got attention...He gets very smitten. He was very taken with me, in a very doting, admiring way."