Former congressman and mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner addressed the new sexually explicit conversations he had with a young woman in a press conference just now. He admitted to sending the sexts, but said he wasn't leaving the race, "What happened today—doesn’t represent all that much that is new." But more notably, his wife Huma Abedin spoke at a press conference for the first time, "Anthony's made some horrible mistakes. But I do very strongly believe it's between us, and our marriage."

In a packed room at the GMHC before a mayoral forum, Weiner said, "For the past several months I’ve been asking New Yorkers to also give me a second chance. It's personally reasonable for people to ask these questions," adding, "I'm sorry I did these things. I am sorry to those who got these messages or any inconvenience or embarrassment." He emphasized that the timeline of sexts didn't matter, "The resignation was not a point in time nearly as significant as working through challenges... Some things happened before the resignation and after," and credited his wife for staying with him.

Weiner also insisted that he's been upfront, "This is entirely behind me. That is why if you remember the early days of the campaign, people were pressing me if there were more out there and I said yes. “ Then he ceded the microphone to his wife.

Abedin, who works for Hillary Clinton, revealed, "It's not an easy choice in any way but I made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage... for me, our son and our family. I didn't know how it would work out but I knew I wanted to." She also said, "I love him. I have forgiven him. I believe in him. As we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward." She also said that "it took a lot of work and a whole lot of therapy" to get to this place.

In a brief Q & A, Weiner said the new "Carlos Danger" sexts were sent last summer (keep in mind, in July 2012, Abedin told People magazine they were "normal family" after "a lot of work"). He also said that Abedin knew about these sexts.

Weiner, who resigned from Congress in 2011 following revelations that he had sent pictures of his penis to women through Twitter, was leading or nearly leading in polls to become the next mayor after making a last-minute entrance into the race. And, thanks to him, we have a Carlos Danger name generator.