2007_06_chopper.jpgRepresentative Anthony Weiner, he of 2009 mayoral ambitions, wants to introduce legislation to ban helicopters flying over Manhattan. While the bill would allow "police, medical and other authorized helicopter traffic" (probably news choppers), Weiner said, "We are taking a common-sense step to make New York safer" by restricting all other helicopters to fly over water only. He also said, "I am concerned about helicopters flying over a densely populated city. I think it's dangerous, and I think it poses a threat."

Helicopters at the Manhattan heliports would be allowed, and all passengers and baggage would need to be screened by the TSA. One helicopter charter owner told the Daily News, "[Weiner's] pretty much trying to beat up on the helicopter tourism industry."

Last year, after the Lidle plane crash, politicians asked for airspace to be restricted. Earlier this month, Weiner supported the NTSB's recommendation that pilots flying small fixed-wing aircraft over the East River without air traffic control be banned.

Photograph of helicopter by drsam on Flickr; it seems like a news chopper covering the NYC Marathon