These health care town hall forums make for great television, what with all the red faced patriots eager to water the tree of liberty and save America's seniors from Obamacare death panels. So why would Anthony Weiner try to stop TV news crews from documenting last night's raucous health care meeting at the IBEW hall in Fresh Meadows? CBS 2 says Weiner's aides told them they couldn't come in, and when the congressman arrived, he got "snippy" with the camera crew, telling them, "This isn't for Channel 2. This is for my constituents."

When the reporter countered that the event was a public forum, Weiner shot back, "Settle down buddy. This is not about Channel 2 News. As much as you might think the earth revolves around you, it doesn't." But the crew was ultimately allowed in to capture the standard footage of red faced ranting, which eventually subsided into on-topic questions, like "How are we going to pay for it? And please don't tell me it's going to come out of my pocket." Weiner told the audience he backs a single-payer system and that the money to pay for it could come from the profits of health insurance companies and overhead. Oh, and revenue from organ harvesting!

But seriously, here's a good health care reform FAQ you can send to grandma.