The 2009 campaign season may have left us with the distinct impression that Congressman Anthony Weiner is a bit of a tease, but apparently Weiner was just playing Gotham's Democratic voters while he was actually doing groundwork on the sole endorsement he was aiming for—from girlfriend Huma Abedin. Weiner and Abedin, the Hillary Clinton aide whom the News calls "glamorous" and "a linchpin of Clinton's entourage," just went public, but it turns out the proposal happened right around the time Weiner backed out of the mayoral race with an allusion to wanting to "start a family." The pair got outed in a NYT piece on former Clinton strategist and current Bloomberg campaign mastermind Howard Wolfson who dropped the "f" bomb (the other one) when referring to the two. The possible future Huma Weiner has apparently been courted by John Cusack and George Clooney in the past, which we believe beats his links to foreign models. She also happens to be Muslim, to which Gawker says "maybe he will be less of an asshole now." How sweet!