Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) brought his annoyance about the Republicans' failure to get behind the 9/11 Health and Compensation bill to MSNBC's Morning Joe today. He said, "This is Republicans tactics and strategy and nothing to do with the 9/11 bill. The 9/11 bill was the evidence that nothing is above politics for them.”

Weiner now infamously ripped into the GOP because only 12 Republicans voted for the $7.4 billion bill (which was co-sponsored by Republican Rep. Peter King of Long Island) and Weiner took offense at King's accusations that Democrats were taking cover by asking for a high majority in the vote. This morning, Weiner said he doubted that King called any of his Republican colleagues to vote on the bill and noted that King spent 10 seconds talking about bill and the rest of his time berating Democrats. Yay, midterm election year!

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Weiner also said he expected that at least half of the Republican House members would vote for the bill—like why did a NY Congressman from three districts away vote against it?—and said, "Frankly, I think most Americans don't really care what section of the calendar it comes up on, what day it comes up on, what the rules are. They want to see their representative vote up or down on some of these things." And some don't even care if their passion is just about 2013.