2008_10_weiner2.jpgAnthony Weiner continues to prove more than willing to bear the torch as the most vocal leader against extending term limits. Weiner says that the issue has helped him find his voice as a populist representative during this nascent stage in the 2009 battle for City Hall. Weiner says of the back room deals leading to the mayor's proposal are a return to the days of Boss Tweed. He also calls Speaker Quinn's term limits support "the mother of all back room deals" and says that the two can "never again...talk about their desire to reform government." Not only does he think the plan will be defeated, Weiner--no lack of bravado here-- even claims that come Election Day 2009, Bloomberg “would find himself voting for me.” The Times says that his march against term limit extensions is "vintage Weiner, who is known for outresearching, outpoliticking and out-fund-raising his opponents...and it also bears his trademark self-certainty."