After he resigned in disgrace from Congress, Anthony Weiner and wife, State Department official Huma Abedin, had one thing to be thankful for: They unloaded their two-bedroom Forest Hills apartment, one of the spots where Weiner sent sexts. After bragging about doing baby laundry to People magazine last month, now we know where he does the baby laundry: A Park Avenue South apartment that's worth $3.3 million.

According to the Post, the 12th floor "2,120-square-foot, four-bedroom, 3.5-bathroom apartment" is "owned by Rosen Partners LLC, which is headed by close Clinton pal Jack Rosen, records show. Rosen — who oversees the American Jewish Congress — is an influential international political force. He’s been a guest at the White House, flies the Clintons in his private plane, and has poured money into both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s election campaigns over the years, according to campaign-finance records."

Apparently the 254 Park Avenue South apartment's market-rate, rent would be around $10,000-12,000/month, so the Post's sources are saying things like, "It’s a ridiculously expensive place. Everyone assumes they live there for free, thanks to a donor, a friend of Bill and Hillary, or even just someone with an empty place who is connected." However, State Department spokesman Philippe Reines said that the couple pays "market rate... They are a two-income family and are more than capable of paying their market-rate rent."

Abedin makes $155,000/year as Hillary Clinton's aide, while Weiner is technically out of a job, though he could be making money doing a little consulting ("How to totally self-destruct via social media, sexting"). The Post adds that in addition to selling their Forest Hills home for $430,000, Abedin sold her D.C. condo for $620,000.