Remember that campaign video serial sexter Anthony Weiner was holed up in his apartment shooting on Saturday? Well, here it is. If you were hoping the message would be an announcement that Weiner was gracefully bowing out of the race, acknowledging that his online antics have been a distraction from the real issues, then you will be disappointed. You'll probably be pretty disappointed anyway. But oh my, that is some dramatic background music!

Here's an annotated breakdown:

00:01-00:13 "Sometimes people say to me, oof, that campaign is pretty rough, you may want to quit." [Editor's note: No. What people say is, "Weiner, dude. We have been privy to images of your penis from several angles. Please just quit.]

00:14 "They don't know me [We do, actually. That's the problem]

00:22-00:27 "There are people all around New York City who get up in the morning with a pretty tough day ahead of them, and they don't quit." [Number of other New Yorkers plowing ahead with a mayoral campaign after we've seen their penises: 0]

00:42-00:47 "If someone wants to come out with something embarrassing and your private life, you gotta talk about that for a little while." [THAT IS ALL WE TALK ABOUT]

00:47-01:00 [Something about schools, jobs sites...say, where are his hands, anyway?]