Oh, how the Post loves ripping on Representative Anthony Weiner. In March they reveled in that "Weiner's Naughty Hottie$" story; today they're back on the bun with a little opus dubbed "Weiner's a Pucking Goof-Off." This time the non-story is about how Weiner played in his hockey league at Chelsea Piers on the same day that he skipped an April 27th House session that included three votes: A measure to reauthorize a $250 million program that last year set aside $1.8 million for New York in emergency preparedness funds, a second vote "to support the goals" of National Volunteer Week, and... the tabloid doesn't say what the third vote was. But why does Weiner want to undermine volunteers and leave New York vulnerable to emergencies?

Weiner's aide has this explanation: The congressman was in Queens that day to meet with administrators at St. Francis Prep about the swine flu outbreak, and couldn't get back to DC to vote because his evening flight from La Guardia was delayed due to weather. So he decided to play his 10:30 p.m. hockey game instead. But what, the Post wonders, does Weiner have to say about missing 14 votes in five sessions since 2005 on days when he had hockey games? Well, the aide explains, Weiner was traveling from LA to DC during one of those sessions. Also, does the Post have any idea how expensive ice time is?

Speaking of LA, it's been revealed that Surviving Christmas star Ben Affleck has kindled quite the bromance with Weiner since he started hanging with him to research his role in State of Play. According to the Times, the two have "met repeatedly, over dinner in Washington and New York" during the past year, talking US foreign policy, Israel, and Affleck's dream of running for Congress. Yes, you read that correctly. Speaking for all Americans, Weiner told Affleck, "That’s a terrible idea." On the other hand, if it spares the world another Smokin' Aces, Affleck's got our vote. (And to be fair, Gone Baby Gone did rock.)