Because the 2013 mayoral election is over two years away, there's no time like the present to consider the contenders! The Wall Street Journal examined the campaign finance disclosure reports from a batch of Democratic hopefuls and found that Rep. Anthony Weiner, newlywed, has $3.9 million left in his coffers while City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has $2.7 million.

Both Weiner and Quinn considered running last year, but decided not to—thanks to the decision to overturn term limits and allow officials a third term, Quinn could run for Council again while Weiner backed out because of Mayor Bloomberg's huge wallet. Neither has been aggressively raising money this year.

Last year's Democratic candidate, former City Comptroller William Thompson, tells the WSJ he hasn't started fundraising yet, "It is definitely my intention to run for mayor in 2013 and we'll begin that process in the latter part of this year." Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer, who has $1 million from his borough president campaign, is the only one actively raising money right now: He's raised over $600,000 this year.

As for others: Public Advocate Bill de Blasio declined to participate with the WSJ, while City Comptroller John Liu says he's been raising money to cover costs for his 2009 comptroller campaign, adding, "I have not commenced a forward-looking committee, nor do I have any plans for that right now. There is no plan for election or re-election or anything. The plan right now is to do the work that is absolutely critical in this continuing economic crisis."