After a roller-coaster campaign marked by a surge to the top of the polls followed by a dramatic death spiral, former Congressman Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner finished last in yesterday's primary. Ultimately, less than five percent of registered Democrats were persuaded by Weiner's campaign, and last night Weiner conceded at midtown bar Connolly's. In his long concession speech, Weiner fought back tears as he waxed nostalgic about his middle class upbringing—skip to the nine minute mark:

Downstairs, Weiner's virtual paramour Sydney Leathers provided an appropriately grotesque sideshow for the media, having crashed the party in an attempt to confront Danger face-to-face. "People say I ruined his marriage," Leathers told the Daily News. "He ruined his marriage." Leathers, who recently underwent extensive plastic surgery, said she felt it was her "obligation" to be there.

It seems Weiner's wife Huma Abedin did not share the same sense of obligation. She was not at Weiner's side during his concession speech, and although Weiner repeatedly invoked his "family," he did not thank Abedin nor mention her by name. "We had the best ideas,” Weiner told the crowd. “Sadly, I was the imperfect messenger."

In what was an apparently successful attempt to avoid Leathers, Weiner sneaked into the upstairs party room via the adjacent McDonald's, and footage captured on Vine shows him rushing out of the fast food joint after the speech. (Leathers futilely followed.) Once safely in his car, Danger said goodbye to politics by raising his middle finger at a WNBC/Channel 4 reporter.