Aspiring mayor and recidivist sexter Anthony Weiner has plummeted to fourth place in the first Quinnipiac University poll taken since voters were introduced to Sydney Leathers and Carlos Danger and "hard delete" last week. According to the poll, likely Democratic primary voters think he should drop out and stop subjecting us to photos of his junk by a margin of 53 - 40 percent. Interestingly, almost the same percentage of men and women think Weiner should bow out, but there's a big racial gap on that question.

Black voters say Weiner should keep campaigning by a margin of 53 - 42 percent, while white voters want him to drop out by a margin of 64 - 25 percent. The latest poll shows City Council Speaker Christine Quinn leading with 27 percent, with Public Advocate Bill de Blasio gaining traction at 21 percent, former Comptroller Bill Thompson polling at 20 percent, and 6 percent saying they're voting for Comptroller John Liu and 2 percent for former Council member Sal Albanese.

"With six weeks to go, anything can happen, but it looks like former Congressman Anthony Weiner may have sexted himself right out of the race for New York City mayor," said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute. "And with Wiener in free-fall, it begins to look like a three-way race again." Meanwhile, a national poll conducted by the sleazy dating website Seeking Arrangement reportedly suggests that 78% of women between the ages of 18 and 26 are giving Weiner a 78% approval rating, whatever that means.

In an interview over the weekend, Weiner made it very clear he would not drop out of the race, telling New Yorkers, "You're stuck with me."