Washington wonks really want Anthony Weiner to resign—if only to calm the media circus—and they are now hinting their wish will come true in "a couple of days." Which is probably not a bad idea as the first national Weinergate poll was not promising for the Congressman with the bulging boxer briefs.

New York Democrat Representative Carolyn McCarthy said before a party meeting yesterday that "Hopefully, we are hearing he might resign in a couple of days." And after the meeting she reportedly added, "He's waiting for his wife to come home. That's what we're hearing from his friends."

That Weiner is waiting on his pregnant wife, Huma Abedin, is consistent with previous reports. She returned to the country with her boss, Secretary of State Clinton, earlier today.

Meanwhile, Public Policy Polling poll on the national response to Weinergate was not so good. While Weiner's constituents may be split on what they think the nation isn't. 60 percent of Americans want the randy Representative to exit Congress. Further, just eight percent have a favorable opinion compared to 70 percent who have an unfavorable view. Which we guess helps explain why the plaque outside of his office door has apparently become a tourist destination.

Weiner may have worn out his welcome, but his name is still funny: