Anthony Weiner could not have chosen a more fitting venue in which to insult fellow mayoral candidate George McDonald about his advanced age: an AARP town hall meeting held this morning at Hunter College. Sweet, sweet irony. In what must surely qualify as one of the most awkwardly phrased lead-ins of all time, NY1's Grace Rauh explains the situation:

"McDonald approached Weiner and told him to keep his hands off him. Weiner then said McDonald had anger management issues, and he called him 'grandpa." (Just watch it—it's awkwarder out loud.)

McDonald, who is 69, is seen getting all up in Weiner's face before the forum even began. Mics picked up the sound of Weiner accusing McDonald of being angry. "I don't have any anger," says a clearly angry McDonald. "Yes you do, grandpa!" Weiner chirps, smiling impishly as McDonald storms away. "They're going to love that!" the elder candidate shrieks as he exists stage right.

McDonald once again wrongly assumed that his lack of widely distributed dick pics would win him automatic respect from the crowd, but, just as last week when McDonald tried to curry favor by calling Weiner a “ self-pleasuring freak”, he was booed repeatedly for dragging the former congressman's misdeeds once again into the spotlight. "Look, this is a forum, I have a right to express my opinion," McDonald said, elevating the ruckus to such volumes that he eventually sighed, exasperated. "OK. You don't want to allow me to talk? That's just more time for this glib narcissist."

According to NY1, so incensed by Weiner's behavior is McDonald that he even engaged in a noisy dispute once the forum was over, prompting nearby police officers to come over and "calm everybody down."

Is this Weiner's attempt to distract would-be voters from his Real Scandal by instigating mini-scandals? Or is just another example of a Weiner unhinged? We'll all have to stay tuned.