What could make disgraced former Congressman Anthony Weiner's week suck even more after formally resigning from the House of Representatives? Having Rupert Murdoch's iPad-only publication, The Daily, follow him as he buys $22.97 worth of flowers from a bodega in Queens, "Looking casual in a chambray button-down and jeans — maybe we’ll see an unemployment beard to match his dressed-down duds soon? — the overexposed Democratic pol passed over the long-stemmed red roses and jaunty yellow sunflowers in favor of three bundles of carnations in red, white and blue." Yeah, carnations!

Murdoch's NYC tabloid, the Post, jumps on the anti-carnation bandwagon—and points out that the flowers aren't all carnations, the "red" ones are orange roses and the blue ones are agapanthuses. There's also a quote from SUNY Buffalo American Studies professor Elayne Rapping, "It's ridiculous, and it could make [wife Huma] angrier. He knows there are photographers and reporters outside of his house. He could have easily called up a florist and had flowers delivered to her -- this seems to be more of a gesture for the press than for her. A way of him saying, 'I'm being a good husband.'"

A florist at a Madison Avenue bloom business says, "It's ill-conceived. Carnations are not really popular among women these days -- and orange roses? He should have stuck to red." There you go—Weiner is a horrible decision maker, from taking embarrassing photographs of himself, well, everywhere, to buying flowers.