In an Op-Ed in today's Times explaining his aborted mayoral campaign, Rep. Anthony Weiner explains that, unsurprisingly, Mayor Bloomberg's godly fortune had a little something to do with it: "The Supreme Court decision in 1976 in Buckley v. Valeo, which allows candidates to spend however much they want on their own races, makes it possible for billionaires to swamp middle-class candidates. In this case, a sports analogy is apt: If one football team has 110 players on the field, the team with 11 has a hard time getting through the blocking and tackling on the crowded turf."

But besides Bloomberg's obscene wealth, another obstacle facing Weiner was the increasing alignment of Democratic party leaders around Controller William Thompson. The Queens Democratic organization voted to back Thompson on Tuesday, one day after the head of the Queens Democrats, Rep. Joe Crowley, reportedly told Weiner"he could be mayor someday—but not this year."

Oh well, this just means Weiner will have more time to "fight for New Yorkers" (and fashion models!) in Congress, play some hockey, hang with Affleck, and, in Weiner's words, "build a family." But will Clinton aide and Weiner paramour Huma Abedin be his subcontractor on that construction project?