Over the weekend, Anthony Weiner released a 21-page booklet that outlines a set of policy goals that would keep New York “the capital of the middle class.” The booklet, which is an updated version of one he released during his aborted 2009 mayoral bid, sets out a series of policy goals (that he would pursue as... mayor?), including such audacious proposals as a single-payer healthcare plan for all New Yorkers, tax breaks for employers who encourage their workers to bike to work (reversing an earlier Weiner pledge to Mayor Bloomberg to “ tear out your fucking bike lanes"), and more taxes on the wealthiest New Yorkers.

The document was produced by "Weiner for Mayor" (which still exists and is just sitting there with a whole lot of money) and features plenty of old material copied from the previous version, at times haphazardly. Weiner, for example, "calls" for things that have already happened, like a city-wide Americorps program (Bloomberg created the Civic Corps in 2009). Then again, he does add some interesting addendums, including free tuition for a year at a SUNY or CUNY in exchange for a year of Americorps service.

Other notable proposals include a "question-time" for the Mayor in front of the City Council, modeled on the British House of Commons (oh, the things Charles Barron will try to pull), permitting gay men to donate blood, and a tax credit for New Yorkers who take care of elderly family members.

Weiner remains dodgy as to whether he is still just testing the waters or actually about to enter the race. He said he released the report merely to “generate some discussion.” Meanwhile, his former employer and supporter, Senator Schumer , evaded questions about the former Congressman, telling ABC that he wasn't going to comment on the possibility of a Weiner mayoral bid.

But after an 8,000 word NY Times Magazine profile, a series of planned high-profile interviews, and with a fading front-runner, Weiner seems to be inching ever closer to entering the race. Was that a double entendre? We don't even know any more.