2006_09_suttonplacebar.JPGSexism - and weightism - seems to be the crux of a $15 million lawsuit filed by two waitresses at the Sutton Place Bar & Restaurant. Kristen McRedmond and Alexandria Lipton claim that management was asking only female servers their weights and doing some crazy things, like one manager trying to pick up McRedmond to be weighed on a scale. Or there's the manager who asked waitresses their weights:"The manager, Neil, came over to me and asked me how much I weigh. I said, 'I don't know.' He looks me up and down, and he goes, '135' . . . Then he writes down my weight," Lipton said. Also, McRedmond and Lipton claim that they were criticized when they would order fried food, that their weights were put on a spreadsheet, and that they were fired for being upset over the weigh-ins. The Sutton Place Bar & Restaurant's lawyer says the lawsuit is a "nice piece of fiction."

What's crazy is another allegation: Apparently the waitresses weights were "placed on a Web site that tracked the weights of waitresses in other establishments in the city." What? While management probably wants attractive servers (and the picture of Lipton in the Post shows her to be quite comely), a restaurant is not Hooters or a Vegas revue. Sounds like the weigh-ins are part of some sort of bet between restaurant managers in the city.