As you may have heard by now, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was injured in a tour bus accident in New York early yesterday morning, and the band has now canceled their remaining shows. They've updated their blog with new details, including photos from the accident. They wrote:

"At 7:18 AM EST, about 40 miles West of Albany on I-90, the Weezer tour bus carrying Rivers and his family and assistants lost control as it hit a patch of black ice. The driver employed every ounce of skill he had in fighting to keep the bus upright, as the vehicle violently fishtailed over the highway.

Damage was severe, and everyone on the bus was either terrified or injured or both. Both Sarah [Rivers' assistant] and Rivers' wife were pitched out of their upper level bunks onto the floor 5 feet below. Somehow Rivers' wife was uninjured, but Sarah sustained 2 fractured ribs and a fractured lower vertebrae. The baby daughter was in her crib unit and was fine, as was the nanny. However in the back lounge, Rivers was tossed around violently, waking up as he landed back on his mattress. He recalled not hitting anything, but later we learned that he must have, as he cracked 3 ribs and sustained some mostly minor but very painful internal damage, as well as hurting his lower leg somehow."

Rivers is still in the hospital, and they ask that you stay tuned for refund information if you already purchased tickets to a show. And with that... we now have this song stuck in our head.