A NYPD police sergeant who performed illegal searches and perjured himself in his attempts to secure convictions, pled guilty to all charges and will now serve weekends in jail for three months. The maximum penalty for his crimes was 12 years, but the prosecution made no recommendation for his sentence. In the most galling of the charges against William Eiseman, the 12-year-veteran used pictures of drugs on a suspects cell phone to illegally search the man's apartment, then later lied and said the man told him where the drugs were. Eiseman's lawyer requested leniency, telling the judge "He never once arrested an individual who was guilty of no crime. He was trying to get guns and drugs off the street." Where have we heard this before?

Eiseman was in a "mentoring" role in the Impact Response Team, which is mostly comprised of rookie cops who perform many of the city's stop and frisks. Eiseman taught younger officers under his charge his way of conducting illegal searches and lying on paper, potentially causing a ripple effect of dismissed charges. Prosecutor Julio Cuevas said that Eiseman's behavior "really attacks the heart of the system, undermines the integrity of the system." He'll have a chance to think about that, for two days each week, for three whole months. The second officer who was involved in only one of Eiseman's charges faces trial in August, the Times reports.