With a cold front ushering in cooler weather earlier in the week we thought it would be interesting to compare the National Weather Service's hourly temperature and dew point forecasts with what was measured in Central Park. As you can see in the graph, the 48-hour temperature forecast that ended yesterday afternoon was nearly spot on. There was a bit of deviation Wednesday morning and then again yesterday afternoon. The dew point forecast was not as accurate, but forecasting humidity is more difficult than predicting the temperature. Since this was a pretty easy forecast we'll compare again when the weather is more interesting.

Speaking of easy forecasts, today will be sunny and cool. Tomorrow will be slightly warmer with sun in the morning giving way to clouds in the afternoon as high pressure gradually gets pushed away by a weak cold front. Highs both days will be in the mid 50s and tonight's frost advisories are a bit closer to the city.

Saturday night's weak cold front is so weak that the weather will actually be warmer on Sunday. Look for Sunday and Monday to hit the upper 50s if not 60 degrees. No chance of rain in this very dry October until Wednesday or Thursday.