Quick, everybody, run outside! If you're lucky you'll see a big blue "H" slowly moving southward as the center of a high pressure system passes overhead. Thanks to that high pressure system the temperature dropped to 57 degrees in Central Park this morning. It hasn't been that cool since Flag Day. This afternoon's high should only reach the lower 70s under nothing but a few wispy cirrus clouds.

Clear, dry skies and almost no wind will set the area up for another round of impressive radiational cooling tonight. Within the city itself we should see lows in the upper 50s. In less urban areas the temperature is going to drop into the 40s. As high pressure move offshore we should get a southwesterly breeze tomorrow which should boost Saturday's high to the upper 70s.

The most exciting weather of the weekend, and it's not expected to be all that exciting, happens on Sunday. First, a shortwave should pass above the surface high, producing a few clouds, and, just maybe but not very likely a few sprinkles, from Saturday night through Sunday. A cold front encouraged by that shortwave looks like it will bring gusty winds Sunday night and cooler weather on Monday. Sunday's high should be in the upper 70s but Monday will only warm to the lower 70s.