Gothamist has no idea why the MTA keeps things so quiet, but our only inkling about the Weekend Vintage Subway Rides for the next few weekends was the crappy 2-color sign in our subway station. There was information on the MTA's Subway Centennial webpage, but now it's gone; luckily, we copied it down.

November 27 to December 19
- Vintage trains run on the N and R between 57 Street and Whitehall Street.
December 4 and 5
- Vintage trains run on the 4 between Grand Central and Utica Avenue.
December 11 and 12
- Vintage trains run on the 2 between East 180th Street and Times Square.
December 18 and 19
- Vintage trains run on the 42 St Shuttle.

Also, this Sunday, there looks like to be a very interesting talk called "Subway Unification Tour," about how the IRT, BMT, and IND train lines all joined to form the MTA. The tour starts at Times Square, and will include looks at stations and operating facilities for each of the lines. More reservations info here.

Here's the MTA Events Calendar for December (PDF). And Tien went on a Nostalgia Train ride earlier this year.