A 67 year old Bangladeshi immigrant was killed by an oncoming No. 6 train on Saturday at Canal Street. Syed Fazle Mowla tried to find his hearing aid, which had fallen onto the tracks, but without the hearing aid, Mowla was unable to hear the train or other people's wearnings. The Post spoke to Eric Munson, a NYU sophomore, who tried to pull Mowla up from the track and the oncoming train, but Mowla was still hit: "I was holding him by the armpits when the train hit. I couldn't hold him, and he went probably 20 yards." Mowla was employed by the Subway sandwich shop on Canal Street to distribute flyers; he sent money home to his family in Bangladesh.

And after seeing a man pee into an open elevator at the Third Avenue-149th Street subway station, two police officers were injured in the chase that ensued. The perp, Mark Steed, pushed one officer down the stairs, causing the officer to suffer brain injuries ("brain trauma" - not regular "head trauma"); the other officer's knee was injured as he was making the arrest.