Now Friday night and weekend planning necessitating trips across the East River can start again! The MTA says that most of the work on the L line that has been completed and that construction will be "winding down." It's been about a year since the MTA's announcement about disruptions to the line, when the MTA said construction would shut down the line at least seven times. According to amNew York:

- The MTA had been installing the robotrain/OPTO technology along the line.
- Because the L line ridership has been growing, the MTA will also be phasing in some new train cars. Actually, they are old train models, which required that the tunnels be retrofitted for the technology.
- However, there will be some service disruptions in the evenings and on one weekend, plus the Myrtle/Wyckoff station work is ongoing.

Oh, and the real-time information boards the MTA said were coming this July? They'll be installed in the next few weeks/months.