Got 1% milk?

milk.gifWhile expensive organic supermarkets like Whole Foods continue to open new locations throughout Manhattan, where are lower-income residents to go to find some healthy groceries? Many outer borough denizens rely on local bodegas to stock up on staples such as milk, eggs, and bread where nutritional options may be lacking. So Gothamist Health supports the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's new plan to encourage select bodegas to add more 1% milk to their dairy section. Certain stores in Central Brooklyn, the South Bronx, and Harlem will also offer discounts on healthy food and educational information in addition to the low-fat milk. This may not seem like much, but given that healthy habits have to start somewhere, it’s a start.

Fish is brain food

fish.jpgEver wonder why you're not smarter, more sociable, or more successful? Blame your mother. There's been a lot of buzz this past week about a new study that suggests that mothers who consumed less of the fatty acid Omega-3 while pregnant had children with verbal IQ points six points lower than average. Their children also had worse motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Omega-3 is abundant in fish and fish oils. This puts expecting mothers in an awkward place as advice also abounds to limit fish intake while pregnant to control mercury intake. But it may be that the benefits outweigh the risks. The study also found that Omega-3 might lower rates of violent behavior in alcoholics. And from what I saw at some of the bars I hit down in the East Village last night, some guys could definitely use it.

Keep up the chatter

celphone.jpgDespite our recent annoyance with seeing them at the gym, we're at least glad to see that cell phones probably don't cause brain cancer. While long-term effects are still unknown (since the phones are a relatively new invention), they seem safe for now.