manhattan from newarkChilly and windy tomorrow. It won't get too cold tonight in the city because of the wind, but don't expect tomorrow's high temperature to go much above 40. A good day for hot chocolate. Sunday is looking better, with a high in the mid-50s if you believe AccuWeather or, but slightly if you're a National Weather Service fan (the Weather Underground merely repackages NWS forecasts). All three forecast outlets raised their maximum forecasts by several degrees from the beginning of the week.

In the spirit of Ask Gothamist addressing the question of holiday grab bags, and because the weather is pretty dull, here are a few items that we saw this week but didn't get a chance to put into their own posts. The University of Maryland-Baltimore County operates the Smog Blog with daily updates of the country's smoggiest air and lots of satellite images. Far away from Gotham but still want to see our fair city? WxNation has plenty of New York weather cams (the picture above is Manhattan taken from a Newark web cam). Finally, think your job sucks? Popular Science ranks being a TV meteorologist as the 17th worst job in science, which is far better than the job they ranked as worst: anal wart researcher.