There is a lot going on in the forecast but it all boils down to rain. Rain, heavy rain, and more rain is expected today, tonight and tomorrow morning. An upper level low passing to our south is spawning a surface low, and that storm will give us plenty of rain as it moves up the coast.

A steady rain is expected through early evening, followed by heavier rains and possibly a thunderstorm tonight. The city and immediate surroundings will see anywhere from 1-2 inches of rain or more from this storm. Look for the temperature to remain steady in the low 40s through tomorrow afternoon, both because of the thick cloud cover and a strong easterly wind off the ocean. The easterly winds may cause coastal flooding around high tide tonight.

If you are headed northward for the weekend be aware that it will be cooler north of the city and at higher elevations. The Catskills and interior Connecticut are in for an ugly mix of rain, sleet, freezing rain and snow, and heavy snow is possible north of I-90.

The rain should slowly dissipate during the day tomorrow as the storm heads out to sea. A high pressure system arriving on Sunday will bring sunny skies and a high in the upper 50s.