The battle of two pathetic weather systems is leading to a rather blah forecast for today. To the north a weak ridge of high pressure. To the south a sad cut-off low. The emo low is trying to displace the slacker high and getting nowhere. As a result we are going to have a cool, cloudy day with perhaps a few sprinkles. This afternoon's high might reach the upper 60s.

Late tonight a cold front will drop down from upstate and clear out these two battling systems. With the amount of moisture in the air there could be a light shower or two around sunrise but we should start to see some sun by Saturday afternoon. Tomorrow will likely warm to the upper 70s, which is normal for early June. More clear skies are expected on Sunday but it won't be as warm with a high only in the lower 70s.

Warmer weather will return next week with highs in the mid 70s on Monday warming to the mid 80s by next Thursday. We may have to contend with showers and thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday when a cold front is expected to slowly approach the area. The latter half of the week should feature more sun that clouds to go along with the warmer weather.