wxch_111008.jpgThe first half of the week looks to be quiet and cool. It will be breezy today as a high pressure system makes it's presence felt, but that's about the most weather excitement the area will see until Thursday. Today's high will be in the low 50s. If you want snow, the breeze is bringing it to the lake effect regions of Central and Western New York.

Take away the breeze and you have the forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday: Clear and cool, highs around 50, lows in the mid 30s. The next chance of rain looks to be late Wednesday night or sometime Thursday. The timing and strength of the rainfall is somewhat dependent on the remains of Hurricane Paloma. Paloma was a powerful storm in the Caribbean before slamming into the Cayman Islands and Cuba on Saturday. A few hundred homes when the storm surge rushed nearly a mile inland.

The mountains of Cuba below, and wind shear above, have effectively cut the head and legs off the storm. While Paloma is not quite dead it is little more than a disorganized mess of clouds between Cuba and the Bahamas. There's a chance that moisture from that mess will get close to the city as the week progresses.
Morning weather map from weather.com