Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio continues to prove that he's the Vicious Red Nail in the Scrotum of Freedom: A police source tells the Staten Island Advance that smarmy teenager invoked de Blasio's name when cops came to break up a raucous West Brighton party on Saturday night. "This is the projects. Everybody smokes weed! De Blasio's gonna legalize it," 16-year-old Alexis Daniels allegedly told the NYPD officers who arrived at the scene and asked about the aroma of marijuana. "We gonna smoke more weed after you leave."

While it's true that de Blasio wants to decriminalize marijuana possession under 15 grams (something Governor Cuomo also supports), he has refused to endorse full-scale legalization, let alone having that hot guy who transferred in the middle of the semester light your spliff while your bestie cranks the Katy Perry.

Daniels was allegedly partying at 1077 Castleton Avenue in the same building where teenagers threw a rager in an unoccupied apartment last March. That party was also broken up by the cops, and two teens were arrested.

The Advance's police source added that Daniels cursed at the officers, gave them a fake name, and threw herself on the ground. Daniels admitted to lying about her age ("It was a mistake.") but paints a different picture of what happened:

"I blew them a kiss and I told them good night," she said. "I didn't say anything—who is that? I don't even know who he is!"

"That's how they feel about the mayor. That's why they're saying I said that," she told the Advance in an interview at her West Brighton home Tuesday night. "Tell the mayor that the 120 Precinct is lying, saying that I said something that I did not say at all."