Not only is it turkey time, it's also time for the biggest travel day of the year! The Port Authority expects 5 million people to pass through airports, bridges, tunnels and the PATH from today till Sunday. And some people even hit the road in the wee hours today, to beat traffic. That's wild - do you have elaborate schemes to get to your Thanksgiving?

Transportation officials hope travelers have some more patience during one of the most harrowing travel times of the year. Yes, you need patience and nerves of steel. Remember - there's always leftover turkey, so there's no huge rush.

Bonus fun: Wendy's PR agency helpfully let us know about the fast food chain's special Thanksgiving weekend promotion for anyone with an airplane seat in the middle: A $1 gift card towards a Double Melt Hamburger - "pepper jack cheese, cheddar sauce, bacon and jalapeños between two patties." So, if the guy or gal sitting in the middle seat is passed out and totally gassy, you'll have a hunch as to why.

Photograph of travelers at Penn Station this morning by Mark Lennihan/AP