2008_04_renwal.jpgA couple celebrating the renewal of their wedding vows ended up in jail after a reception fight with the band and Port Chester police.

The Journal News reports that when the band refused to play music (they could only play when the DJ wasn't) bride Fabiana Reyes, 41, "knocked over and damaged the band's conga drums valued at $600, a speaker valued at $350 and other equipment." When police arrived, her husband, Elmo Jesus Fernandez (pictured, with his wife), 42, and their 21-year-old daughter fought with the authorities, who ended up arresting the family.

After being held in separate cells, the groom and his daughter were released on $250 bail (they were charged with, among other things, obstruction of governmental administration) but the bride, charged with criminal mischief, was still in jail yesterday afternoon, held on $500 bail. The couple's daughter explained her parents were legally married but weren't married in a church until now.