A Manhattan resident has filed a lawsuit against a New Jersey man who she says injured her while dancing at a wedding at the Hyatt Morristown in November 2008. Hedge fund worker Christine Mancision ended up at the Morristown Memorial Hospital after the reception went sideways; she tells the Post she was minding her own business on the dance floor when "all of a sudden, I turn and I'm grabbed by this really tall individual. I had no idea who he was. And he grabbed my arm and spun me around to dance with me and then just flung me off to the side of the dance floor, and I went flying to the floor. When I sat up, I was in a lot of pain. I looked at my arm, and it was bent the completely opposite way."

In the hospital, she described the hurty dancer to her husband, who recalled the brutal boogier from the bachelor party: He is allegedly James Graeber, the brother of the bride. Mancision was left with a broken wrist and surgeons had to operate to insert a metal plate and five screws, leaving behind a 3-inch scar. She says, "I would go to occupational therapy and just cry. It hurt so much." It also cost her over $2,000 in co-pays.

Mancision's suit also seeks $1 million in damages from the hotel and the Hyatt Hotels Corp. for allegedly violating New Jersey's "dram shop" law by serving Graeber alcohol even though he was "visibly intoxicated." Her lawyer says, "I think the Hyatt owes an obligation to its guests ... to not fuel the fire of intoxication by pouring alcohol down the throat of an intoxicated patron." Or if they do, they should at least provide wedding guests with helmets and wrist guards.