2005_04_webby.jpgIt seems that the Webby Awards will be held in NYC this year on June 6. Gothamist can hear the paparazzi making sure they have a premiere or model's birthday to cover that night. The Daily News notes that during the dot com boom, NYC tried to land the awards, and now, finally after a few years of dot com bust-imposed online-only awards ceremonying, the Webbies are live again:

"The Webby hasn't gone away," said [Tiffany] Shlain, the Webby's creative director. "This year has been a very big year for the Web again, and I think it's appropriate for New York, because it's all about creativity."

Huh? As far as we knew, New York was where one would have events to raise exposure outside of one's niche category.

The Webby Awards.