Oh, to be young and hopeful that tomorrow would be a snow day...there'd be a 3:1 ratio of marshmallow to hot chocolate right after going sledding. Sadly, the realities of needing to put bread on the table, plus the effectiveness of the subways combined with sturdy boots means Gothamist will just complain once we get to work about having to mush through the snow on our way back home.

The Times looks at NY behavior that's the on the upswing because of the weather: Grand Central's lost and found has been getting many more calls from people wondering if their hats, scarfs, and gloves are there; people using hot sauce to warm themselves up; and hanging out by the laundromat for warmth. And people are getting excited about 30 degree weather on Friday. Jesus, it's like we're in Minneapolis...a Minneapolis with no skyways and no Replacements.

An oldie, but goodie from Vogner: Snowsteria! (Gothamist mistakenly linked to Vogner's excellent Lizzie Grubman - Arlene Wuornos examination, which we wanted to save for another time...but no time like that present). And more weather from Chris Cimino and WNBC.