NY 1 Weather
NY1 seems to have taken Labor Day off when it comes to today's weather. Ah, well, Gothamist will try to fill-in some of the blanks. Today will be a slightly warmer version of yesterday. In other words, nice enough to make up for Saturday's wetness. Look for mostly sunny skies and a high temperature approaching 80. Perfect for the West Indian Day parade!

The pleasantness doesn't last too long as rain is expected to return tomorrow. Tuesday will start out dry but clouds will roll in and showers are likely by evening. The rain will last through the night and into Wednesday before clearing out.

We were too busy with Ernesto on Friday to give a wrap-up of August's weather. Remember the heat wave? Those first few hot days were offset by many cool days. The average temperature last month was just slightly above normal. Temperatures for the month were slightly less than a degree above normal. As is often the case in the summer, a cool month means a rainy month. 6.08 inches of precipitation was measured in Central Park. That's nearly two inches more than normal. For the year so far we've had six inches more precipitation than normal. Today, however, rain is not a concern.