accuwx_wknd.jpgMore of the same on the local weather scene. Today should be a carbon copy of yesterday, which was a repeat of Wednesday which was a cut-and-paste of Tuesday. Sunny, high around 70. Tonight should be an identical twin of last night. Clear, low around 50. Tomorrow? You guessed it. Pretty much the same. The Weather Service is calling for a slight chance of isolated sprinkles Saturday evening as a back door cold front moves through the city, but, frankly, we think their just saying that to see if we're paying attention.

Sunny skies continue prevail on Sunday but it will be cooler because of the cold front passage. Our high Sunday will only reach 60. Those cooler conditions will be short lived. By Tuesday we should be warming up to the mid-70s.

Here's a new reason to be wary of meteorologists. The Weather Service puts out weather balloons twice a day from 100 locations across the country. Attached to the balloon is a device known as a radiosonde, which measures temperature, humidity and pressure as the balloon rises and radios that information back to the ground. One radiosonde fell on a shipping container in Charleston, South Carolina yesterday, causing a bomb scare and disrupting traffic for two hours.

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