brats.jpegFrom time to time Gothamist likes to see what is happening in weather news around the world. Today we looked at what is, or is not, happening "weather permitting".

The Anoka County Union of Coon Rapids, Minnesota reports that the Acorn Days celebration this weekend in Oak Grove is "expecting, weather permitting, a much better celebration than last year's," according to Acorn Days Chairman Larry Bigelbach. Among the festival activities, and one that Gothamist thinks would work quite well here in crowded New York, is a marshmallow longest drive competition for golfers of all skills.

All festival goers at the Come Home to Westmoreland (Virginia) festival will have a chance to win a free tethered balloon ride (weather permitting), according to the King George, VA Journal-Press.

A news item in the Bucyrus, Ohio Telegraph-Forum says that Crawford County will begin spraying for mosquitos on a weekly basis, weather permitting, in selected rural areas of the county. Gothamist has many fond memories of attending the Bucyrus Bratwurst Festival on several occasions when we lived in Ohio.

It is noted on Science Blog that the RAPTOR-A and RAPTOR-B robotic telescopes at the Los Alamos National Lab measure the position and brightness of millions of stars each night, weather permitting. The robotic telescopes are designed to capture "rapid optical events", or "fleeting astronomical events" which have a lifetime too small to be captured by lumbering giant ground-based telescopes but can be observed by the small, robotic systems.

And, finally, weather permitting, you can go on a hot air balloon ride at Seymour, Wisconsin's 16th Annual Burger Fest. The hamburger is claimed to have been invented in Seymour back in 1885. Other cities have also claimed to be the birthplace of the burger, but in Seymour they've cooked the world's largest burger, an 8266 pound behemoth at the Burger Fest three years ago.