Well, this forecast mostly stinks. The sunny skies are only going to take a bit of the chill out of the air today and tomorrow. Highs both days will only be in the upper 40s. More seriously for those without power and heat, it is going to be cold tonight. No clouds and a low dew point add up to lots of radiational cooling. Tonight's low in the city will be in the mid 30s with below freezing temperatures likely in the surrounding suburbs.

There's no good news after this cold spell. A storm currently over the center of the country is expected to swoop southeastward and come up the coast as a nor'easter. While the exact path and timing of that storm is a bit uncertain it is likely to bring heavy rain, high winds, and coastal flooding from Wednesday afternoon through the day Thursday. This isn't a Sandy-sized storm, but 1-2 inches of rain, 20-30 mph winds, gusts to 50 mph, and a 3-5 foot storm surge are expected and nobody needs that this week.

If there is a silver lining to this next storm its that there will be a distinct circulation shift following the storm's passage. The upper level ridge that's been over the West Coast will move east and that will allow for warmer, drier air to arrive. Look for Friday and Saturday to be sunny with highs around 50 degrees. By early next week the highs could be approaching 60!