Violet Dal : an emotional lampHere comes another new can-be-used-for-weather gadget for the style and design conscious (or color happy). Thanks to Engadget we learned that Violet has a new lamp named Dal, and describes it as "The first living, intelligent and connected lamp". Okay... kind of a creepy (and nerdy) description in our opinion. It bears a striking resemblance to the Ambient Orb and Weather Beacon and is similar in functionality as well. But it doesn't seem quite as cool as the Ambient devices. In fact, for weather, it ends up being pretty lame.

Dal can display by subtle changing colors the weather forecast, the reception of an email from a loved one, the stock market, the traffic conditions. Whatever information you find useful to have in your daily environment.

Connected to the net via WiFi, it's designed with more of an artistic mindset. It can be programmed to react to information, noise, or just to display artistic color creations. Viewed as a piece of art, it has a price tag to match. The current price is 790 € which currently is around $965, more than 5 times the cost of the Weather Beacon (ahem... which Gothamist wants for his birthday)

So if you're not really a weather geek (shame on you) and you like "art", and would rather spend a grand than $179 then hot damn this is the lamp for you! But for now, we'll stick with the Ambient Devices. And if you want a little more exact information without jumping into the complete weather station boat, the upcoming neo-retro Ambient Dashboard is for you.