Emma Tapley 'Elements' : Fischbach Gallery
So much of what goes on around us weather wise is taken for granted. But sometimes people find a way to capture things in unbelievable ways. Gothamist's eye was recently drawn to paintings by Emma Tapley. Born in New York City, Tapley received her BFA from SVA and went on to attend Pratt, New York Academy of Art, Vermont Studio Center in Johnson, VT, and the Byrdcliffe Arts Colony in Woodstock, NY. While her paintings aren't all weather-related, they focus on elements of nature including fog, frost, and especially dreamy realistic clouds and sky-skapes.

We're not art critics, but we think her work is quite beautiful. The paintings are quite realistic looking and may at first make you believe they are photographs. But when you look at them further you will realize they go much deeper and there is a lot more beneath the surface. Gothamist thinks that many of these remind us of dreams we had when we were younger that didn't seem to have any obvious meaning but were pretty cool anyway.

I have such appreciation for and am in awe of nature. I realize now that nature is everywhere and we are nature ourselves.

--Emma Tapley, January 2004

Tomorrow, May 27th, the Fischbach Gallery presents Elements, recent paintings of Emma Tapley showing through June 30th. There will be a reception from 5-7pm. The gallery is located on 210 Eleventh Avenue at 25th St. Unfortunately, Gothamist won't be able to attend the opening because we will be previewing The Day After Tomorrow, but let us know if you go.