Well, the wake of the Nor'easter, Weather Underground says that we're likely to have "light rain showers" tonight through tomorrow day, but the winds won't be as high as yesterday (north wind between 7 and 13 MPH, with gusts as high as 26 MPH). So this means: Make sure your umbrella is in good working order.

Broken umbrella connoisseur Hamish Robertson wonders, What is the perfect umbrella? We venture to say that one can be somewhat contorted back into working order after being whipped around would be nice. We're not expected eternal life from them - we just wish they would break at the end of the day, versus the beginning.


And we just loved these photographs of the Nor'easter fallout.

Top photograph of the wet way to the Red Hook Fairway by lexacor on Flickr; middle photograph of Broad Channel during a very high tide by reader Erik, via emailing photos(at)gothamist(dot)com; and bottom photograph of subway passengers using a makeshift bridge by milkshakepants on Flickr