Does everybody see the big blue H slowly moving across the city? That, along with a mix of blue sky and harmless cirrus clouds, is a sign that high pressure is sitting on top of us today. This afternoon's high will be in the lower 60s, which is normal for mid-October. As the high drifts northeastward the wind will start coming out of the southeast and that will warm us to the upper 60s tomorrow. Meanwhile, Hurricane Rafael is going to pass way, way east of the city sometime tonight.

Thursday will start with plenty of sun, but clouds will build later in the day as a slow-moving cold front approaches from the Midwest. Because the front is expected to move so slow, there will be plenty of time to drag warm, moist air up this way. As of now it looks like the city is in for a long day of rain on Friday, but the temperature should max out in the lower 70s.

The front shall pass late Friday night. A dry air mass behind the front lots of clear skies with highs in the mid 60s and lows around 50 for the weekend and well into next week.