It is shaping up to be a rather weak week for weather in New York. Today is looking cloudy and cool because a low pressure system way off to the southeast is providing easterly winds off the ocean. Look for a high in the mid 50s and the slight chance of light rain through the evening hours.

Ever so briefly we'll see slightly warmer weather tomorrow ahead of a weak cold front. The Election Day high will be in the upper 50s. Fun Election Day weather trivia! The rainest Election Day was November 8th, 1977, the day Ed Koch was elected mayor. On that day 7.4 inches of rain fell, the third rainest day ever recorded in Central Park.

As expected there's some cool, dry air behind tomorrow's cold front. After a chilly start Wednesday's sunny high is only going to be around 50 degrees. The same is true for Thursday and Friday, when lows may dip into the 30s.