The weather is being a whole lot of sneaky today. The primary weather maker for today was expected to be a warm front moving northward and heating the region into the mid 80s. Instead, a really weak back door cold front has snuck down from the north with just enough chutzpah to trap the city in a cloudy, clammy shallow layer of marine air. If that marine layer holds on throughout the afternoon the temperature will only reach the mid to upper 70s with only a slight chance of scattered showers later this evening.

A cold front approaching from the Midwest will eventually wipe away the gunky skies, but that's not expected to happen until tomorrow night. Before that happens we'll probably see a repeat of today's weather with patchy fog overnight and a chance of showers or thunderstorms. Thursday's high is again expected reach the upper 70s. A better chance of showers and thunderstorms happens ahead of the front's arrival Thursday night. Given the strength of the front and the amount of moisture ahead of it, some of those showers may be intense.

Rain may linger into Friday morning but cooler, drier air should arrive later in the day. Well, that's according to the Weather Service. The Weather Channel has other ideas. Memorial Day weekend is shaping up to be pleasant, if not all that warm. Look for mostly sunny skies with highs in the upper 60s to lower 70s from Saturday through Tuesday.