2005_09_ch7radar.jpgWhile we might get a heavy showers or a thunderstorm today, the big weather news continues to be the lack of rain. Have you noticed the water stressed trees? Take a look around and you'll see many trees whose leaves have turned brown and are starting to fall. It's several weeks too early for normal fall foliage, those trees are in survival mode –if they drop their leaves now they won't need as much water.

Once the cold front passes through this evening we will be back to the sunny, warm weather. Much as Gothamist likes the sunny, warm weather the upstate reservoirs that provide our water could use some filling (thanks John!). Normal storage levels for this time of year are 77% of capacity. As of yesterday the reservoirs were only holding 68%. New Jersey has issued a drought watch, the drought equivalent of Tom Ridge's yellow alerts. We imagine that portions of New York are soon to follow. Interesting fact: New York City consumes one-third less water today than in 1988. We suspect the decrease is due to fixed water main leaks and the disappearance of heavy industry.

The flip side of no rain is sunny weather. Astronomical summer ends Thursday afternoon, but the exceptionally warm, sunny weather we've had looks like it will continue through the weekend. More on the warm weather later in the week.

Radar image from 7Online.com.