2006_01_hugandlearn.jpgScientists have discovered an "Earth-like" planet way out there, outside of our solar system orbiting its own sun-like star. Gothamist was momentarily excited, thinking, "Hey, a planet to pollute and screw up!" and then frightened because we've seen our share of sci-fi (and it's not pretty!). Sadly, the planet, named OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb, is very very cold (-370 Farenheit/-220 Celsius) which means the aliens will melt when they try to attack us - unless they are wearing their special suits. But we're so in the mood to see the Imax movie, Roving Mars.

There is a cool event at the Museum of Natural History on February 7: What’s Out There and What’s Really Out There, about how scientists know things from photographs taken in space. And this is the Leapfrog Hug and Learn Globe - unfortunately it's unavailable at Amazon, because we'd like the world to be that huggable.