2006_03_nystate.jpgA survey says that NY State is only the most 32nd livable state in the union, which New Hampshire is where it's at. A Morgan Quitno survey issued it's Most Livable States list for 2006, and our neighbors New Jersey and Connecticut rank at places 5 and 10 respectively. Down in the muddy middle with NY State are Pennsylvania (30), Florida (31), Oregon (33) and California (34). For the survey nerds in all of us, here's the list of the 44 factors judged - and instantly we understand why NY State was ranked to so low ("State & Local Taxes as a Percent of Personal Income" and "State and Local Government Spending for Welfare Programs as a Percent of All Spending "). Good work, Governor Pataki and the State Assembly - we're just mediocre! That said, we're staying here and not moving to NH, Minnesota (2), Iowa (3), or Vermont (4) anytime soon, although we could go for some maple sugar candy right now. Granted, these surveys don't really do much expect to make people who live in said states feel better or worse, but it's fun to think about for 20 minutes.

Looking at other Morgan Quitno surveys, NYC ranks 4 for safety (for a city with a population of over 500,000), while NY State is the 10th smartest state.